MIA Again

I'm not following my posting goals. Not because I don't want to...

I spent 2 hours in urgent care this morning, was sent to the hospital and was in the ER for 5 hours because they were worried about meningitis.

Good News: The spinal tap was normal! No meningitis. And I'm home tonight. And they gave me narcotics. :)

Bad News: They hope it's just a bad virus, but if it doesn't improve dramatically within 24 hours, they will probably ask me to come back in for a CAT scan. And if there's something wrong there, I won't be making my Utah trip on Friday :( Also, I have a friend going in for a C-section tomorrow and I was supposed to watch her daughter and now I can't do it and I feel like a flake.

In other Munchkin Monday news, please vote in my poll about the Bubbs' structured activity options. I'd love some opinions!


Jen said…
Oh my! So sorry to hear about your illness. I hope it goes away very soon. Take care of yourself.
Sonja said…
You better get well fast girl cause we are all excited for your visit.
Okay, we would be sad if you didn't come but we would rather you take care of you! Hope everything goes well.
Kristy said…
Not fun! I wish we lived closer, I would come and watch YOUR kids. You are always taking care of others, so relax and let someone take care of you.
I was so sad that I was out of town when you needed a kid-watcher! I so hope you feel better. I really hope that they figure out what it is...so they can fix it and you can go out of town!

Get Better! :)
Lindsay said…
i hope things are ok! love you!!
the lazy reader said…
Sounds miserable. Hope it all clears up soon. Lots of love.
wrightNOW said…
Wow, It is so hard to be sich and be a mom. I really hope that you start to feel better. Thinking about you!
I hope you get better very soon! Sending you healing thoughts from Georgia.
Gute Besserung!!!