Making a Change

So... in preparation for our upcoming trip to Deutschland (yeah!) I have decided to make a change - I'm going for a new hairstyle! I've had the same basic look since I was 15ish, and I want to mix it up a bit... I'm posting a few looks I'm thinking about, so let me know your vote! --PS. I edited this post to remove most of the looks, since I've chosen!


Hey there! I think I like the first one the best! It also looks like it would allow for you to leave it wavy if you don't want to blow dry it straight! I think that is the best one! The long ones to me just look like your style now, but with a few layers and must-have straightening!

Love ya and good luck. P.S. Take a before and after shot! That would be fun!
Lindsay said…
I like the first and the last ones!