Spelling Relief

Okay, so I don't have any pictures easily accessible on my laptop yet (they're still on Gandalf), so I had to think of something poignant to share. And this is it... The other day my hubby and I were watching GSN (Game Show Network) and they had the Greatest Game Show Moments or something like that and this is the best thing since sliced bread. They showed a clip of some sort of dating show (not Chuckie's Love Connection) but the one with the girl asking three guys questions. She says something (I forget what) and ends the question with "How do you spell relief?" The poor young man with the goofy tie and seventies glasses shifts a little in his seat and then says "F-A-R-T." Well, I just about lost it! I almost filled my pants, man (no pun intended)! That has got to be the best game show moment ever! (You can tell I've been married too long when I find bodily functions so entertaining.) I wish I would have taped it to share with everyone. I am giggling right now just remembering it. At any rate, and on that note, have a good one, folks!


Hello! What an awesome blog from an awesome sis! It is odd that we ended up choosing the exact same layout and colors!

I love the f-a-r-t moment! Your DH must have died! love ya!