Back in the Saddle

Well, howdy doody folks! This is a really a post about how life goes on... We returned from Germany late on the 9th, and several days of jet lag and a nasty bout of yuck-what-the-heck-did-we-eat-and/or-catch later, we are back in the saddle! There's something nice about the vacation - not as many responsibilities, clean towels without doing it yourself, no dishes, etc - but it's really nice to be home! Since I didn't post any other updates on the trip, let me just give you the gist:
  • We went sightseeing in Heidelberg (das Schloß) and the Bubbs made friends with another little toddler at the Spielplatz
  • I found plenty of German stuff to buy to bring home for the kids :)
  • We did some sightseeing in Regensburg (but VERY cold so we didn't see everything)
  • We braved the Waschsalon (laundromat) because we needed to do some serious washing :)
  • We got lost trying to find the castle in Nürnberg - which, to everyone else, is very noticeable (and to me too, if we hadn't been driving)
  • We spent a night in the DJH (Youth Hostel) on the eighth floor of the castle! Rather cheap with no amenities, but the most amazing view and surprisingly very comfortable!
  • We attended my old ward in Feucht and found many people who remembered me - ended up staying the afternoon and evening at one of their houses! It was enjoyable to hear about what everyone was doing & how everyone was the same but different.
  • We changed our itinerary and canceled our plans to go to Belgium and the Netherlands - the kids were sick and sick of driving so long and I really wanted to spend time where I lived with people I knew. We'll do the other stuff another time (perhaps without the kids?)
  • We went to Neumarkt and met with the Laddas (my host family) who accepted the family as their own :)
  • We visited my "little sister" Nadia (who's at a boarding school right now). She is so grown up (from 6 to 13 is pretty drastic)! She gave us a tour and the Bubbs took to her right away!
  • We spent our last day in Germany in Frankfurt - just soaking in the German language, food, and a few sights!
  • We made it through two LONG flights (13 total flying hours) & survived the jet lag!

So we really did enjoy the trip and hubby's even done a little looking for a possible temporary position over there! A couple of years in Germany would be awesome!
Until that happens, I'm back into real Mom mode. I was stomach flu sick earlier this week, but yesterday I really got back in the saddle - cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, breaking up fights, doing YW stuff, planning, looking at ads, paying bills, etc. It's good to be home! :)


Hey there! Glad to see you're back! Hope the kids are treating you well and letting you catch up on life! Are you ready for your party? I wish we could be there soooo bad!