A Day on the Town

After a very long week of work and YW (New Beginnings, and those of you who know what I'm talking about, we tried to put on a dinner too - yikes!), I had a very nice afternoon yesterday. I packed up my children and joined one of my very favoritest people and two of her children and we went outlet shopping together in Park City. It was a little chilly and we hit some wind and a little flaking snow, but it was a nice day. Mostly because our children did okay on the drive there and back and we got to just chat with no distractions. We didn't hit all the best winter closeouts (I think we were a little late), but we still found some good deals (Carters was the best, for anyone who's interested). I just feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend! I look up to her all the time and just really enjoyed a little time together! Because of our children, we don't actually get together too often so it was really nice. I think all women need friends to relate to - it makes life so much easier! If we end up staying here and not moving to Texas, she'll be one of the main reasons (plus I'm trying to hook the Bubbs up with her son eventually and I don't want to lose that opportunity :) Even though we were both a little worn out when we were done and I left many things at my house unaccomplished, it was totally worth it and I strongly recommend it! :)