Family Fun!

Do you know what I love? Our Hogle Zoo membership. It isn't too expensive for a year (two parents and all our children) and I love that we can go whenever we want and we don't have to feel pressured to stay all day. It's perfect for our two young kids and we always have a good time going. When we went last week, the weather was perfect and we just had a blast! There was a snow leopard in their new exhibit and he (she?) was pacing in front of the glass - I think he (she?) was showing off a bit. The Bubbs and the Simster loved it and we got a great picture! (PS - Notice anything else? As much as I'm not ready for it, I'm now officially a Soccer Mom...)


You little turkey! How come I have not heard about this van yet? Am I not your sister anymore? :(

Love it! It looks like an awesome van and the zoo looked fun too.