I'm very posty today. It's because I try to limit myself to posting while I'm testing my computer programs (in order to make sure there are 0 errors, I sometimes have to wait while the program runs its course) and I have been testing this morning. At any rate, I am doing a WFMF (Works For Me Friday - I'm a little late to use WFMW) and I am just putting in a plug for the web browser Firefox. It is Mac and Windows and Linux compatible and it's usually super fast and it uses tabbed-browsing (which I adore). Recently I also discovered that there's a ton of cool Add-Ons for Firefox that enhance browsing. I personally am trying like 10 of them right now and I will probably install more. They add cool functionality so you can do lots of stuff easily in your browser. I have an NBA scoreboard one (gives me recaps in an easy toolbar icon), a calculator one (I hate pulling up a separate app!), a calendar one, a stickies one (you can add a note to a webpage and when you go back to that page, the note's still there to remind you!), one to synch my bookmarks between computers, one where I can hilite any word and right-click and it will give me a German translation, one where I can hilite an address on any webpage, right-click and it will give me a map of the location, one to control iTunes so I can easily listen to music while browsing and several more that I can't mention or my post will be a mile long! It's so nice to have my browser do so many extra things for me! It must be a woman because it's doing some serious multi-tasking! :)


Wow...posting is feast or famine with you! :) I love to read your posts.

Firefox sounds awesome. I will have to try it!

Your day out sounds like a blast. I am glad you had fun!

Amazing the perspective we get on life when we look at milestones, isn't it!

BTW...I think you are awesome (just in case you didn't know)!