This month has really been a month of milestones for my family, and we have more to come this year. I guess I think of every year in terms of milestones at some point, but this year I'm noticing a little more than usual...
  1. I went back to Germany for the first time in almost 7 years.
  2. My hubby and I celebrated our 6th Valentine's Day together (and had the stomach flu - how romantic!)
  3. My son turned 1!
  4. My sister turned the big 3-0! (But she doesn't look a day over 20 :)
  5. My hubby turned the big 3-0!

Upcoming milestones:
  1. Three years in our current house
  2. Three consecutive years serving in YW
  3. Our 5th Anniversary
  4. The Bubbs turns 3!
  5. I'll hit the midpoint of my 20s...

At any rate, I just seem to be noticing more of the years that are adding up lately. After looking at my sis's post on important things that have happened in her life since turning 20, I was analyzing it for my husband as well (he actually said things didn't pick up for him until he met me at age 24 - how sweet is that?). Maybe that's why I'm noticing more. :)