Pictures and Another Scribbit

I am picture challenged. I haven't posted pictures for a while, and nothing extremely exciting. This is because A) I am not a very awesome picture-taker and I don't take pictures as often as I should/like; and B) when I'm ready to post, I can't find my darn USB thingy and can't get my silly pictures off the camera. I am posting a few today (although not completely recent ones) because I should.

I am also entering Scribbit's contest again. Why? Because of two things. I had another memory that was mostly already written and is pretty cute and clever and also because I went to look at the topic of Februray's contest and it had to do with love and I figured with my crush story I am pretty much beating a dead horse. Whoops. So I'll post my other story here. If you get sick of reading my stories, sorry. :)