Spring Blaaahhs...

Something must be wrong with me... Most normal people get the Winter Blaahhhs - all the cooped-up-in-the-house, shovel-the-sidewalk, it's-gray-again-today blahs - but I think I get the spring blahs. I don't remember for sure, but I think it's happened to me on more than one occasion. There's something about spring (besides the allergies, of course). I mean, I love the warm weather, the playground attending, the flowers and the birds singing as much as anybody, but I also get the blahs. Why? Well, I don't know the entire reason, but I think it's because I am - #1 lazy and #2 a creature of habit. In relation to the first reason, spring means extra extra extra work to me:
  • you have to work in the yard instead of letting it hide under a blanket of snow
  • everyone knows it's time for spring cleaning
  • the Bubbs is now able to go in and out as she pleases so I'm constantly chasing her - and her brother who follows her
  • I'm making a list of all the home/yard improvements we can now do because it's warm enough - and I don't want to carry them out
  • I need to plan a delightful summer vacation (although our kids are not in school - we should plan a fall vacation, I like fall)
  • I have to be more creative in my cooking (soup every night anymore? - I'm a frayed knot)
  • etc.

In relation to the second reason, spring means change to many people - time to move, time to have a baby, time to paint their living rooms, time to buy a piano, time to hire someone to replace me at work (not really - I'm exaggerating), time for kids to need new summer clothes, etc... Although I usually only consider my hubby a creature of habit, I think I am too. Sigh. Darn spring blaahs.

Actually, I don't know if I have spring blaahs, I am just trying to find an excuse as to why I feel so unmotivated and tired, especially since I'm not going to even consider the other reason...

Anywho, it cheers me up a little to write this and of course, my in-tune wise sis called me today and it helped the most just to talk to her :) I hope to regain motivation by tomorrow - hubby's gotta help people move and help with a roof so it's me holding down the fort and doing some spring cleaning!


Sorry about the blahs! Hopefully talking did help. I get blahed off and on, too, especially when the to do list grows faster than it gets crossed off. Love ya
Lindsay said…
Maybe you should take a multivitamin?