Update & Tupperware

So the last few weeks have been on the crazy side for me. We spent a fun, busy weekend at my brother's HS graduation - the kids were rather good and I saw some friends who also had siblings graduated. Then pretty much as soon as we got back, I went to Girls Camp. I really enjoyed being part of the Stake on this one because I had less pressure but still got to enjoy the funness and the spirit. We had two great speakers - Jenny Phillips and President and Sister Walker (President and Matron of the Salt Lake Temple and daughter of Pres Hinckley). What an amazing opportunity! We had about 4-6 inches of snow! so we canceled a few things, but overall, it went as planned. I feel like that really gave me some closure for this stint in YW :) I'm sure I'll have more chances in the future.

When I got back from that, hubby and I started working with the Cub Scouts. Whew! In some ways, so much easier than YW, but in a lot of ways, similar and also time-consuming. At least this we're doing together. We have the Wolf & Bear kids - up to 10 if they all come. It's been interesting trying to figure out what exactly to do and how to best help the kids achieve these goals. Add to that - I've also been working more to catch up on the week I took off.

Then last week my family came out here to visit. They stayed with us and I enjoyed the time we spent together (especially with brother A, who's the sweetest and pretty fun to be around), but it was another thing that changed my schedule.

Today I got a needed break! My M&D left yesterday and hubby got home today and we had Cub Scouts. Still go go go - but then I went to a Tupperware Party tonight at my friend M's house. It was a nice size - there were enough people there to make it interesting but not so many that you can't really enjoy visiting. And - of course - I bought some cool stuff. You might not believe this, but I have no Tupperware in my house! It's pretty nice stuff - especially the lifetime warranty. I got a nice serving bowl with a lid that doubles as a serving tray (with compartments), a spaghetti canister, some smaller sized that flatten for easy storage (and you can wash them flat in the dishwasher) and a microwave cooker - you can make meatloaf, lasagna, and other yummy things, just in the microwave. I am excited, I didn't spend an insane amount, and I spent a fun evening gabbing and eating fruit and dip. (Wonderful hubby didn't even complain about having the kids or the spending) What more could I ask for?


Hey! I don't think I have any Tupperware, either. I have never been to a "party," but I have looked at the health fairs and such when they have booths there. I really liked the collapsable stuff. You'll have to tell me if it works well! I can't wait to see you and disrupt your schedule again! :)
Lindsay said…
Just reading this makes me tired :)