Long Time, No Post

Once upon a time there was a lovely blog. It had a decent name, decent colors, and a few decent posts. Then one day the blogger was locked up in a castle tower by a wicked witch, away from her Internet, and unable to post anything for a very long time! Luckily the handsome prince (otherwise known as "H.Ubby") rescued the blogger in distress by calling "Blogger, oh blogger, let down your computer!" He used the wireless connection to climb up to the tower and release the fair maiden and once again, the blog was back in business! And they all lived happily ever after.

Of course, I am just making excuses. But it was a cute story, wasn't it? I have just not had much to say and nothing exciting to post. July was full of fun family visits and Cub Scouts but other than that, nothing much. I have just been plugging away. I do have to mention two things and I'll just post them separately for the heck of it.


Hurray! You're back!