Summer Pictures!

Something to look forward to - we got our pictures taken at Target yesterday (family and then the kids separately) and although it was one of the most trying experiences of my life, we had some success! I will try and post a few when we get the Internet ones!

Until then, here's some pictures that highlight some of the things we've been doing this summer! Hope you enjoy!

The family at A's graduation!

A couple of my girls on the lake at Girls Camp

The baptism! C, K (the baptism girl) and J! K got baptized in Utah with two of her cousins! This was such a neat experience but I don't have a ton of pictures that turned out well (there were always 20 cameras flashing!) We also really enjoyed having the family stay with us a couple of nights!

Our little Cub Scouts at Day Camp! Fun stuff! (Although this was only two days and hubby went along, it was much harder than Girls Camp - these boys are all energy!)

And lastly, a classic: the Bubbs is trying to be helpful and feed her brother his cereal! :)

And that's it from here! Hopefully I'll be posting more often now!


Very cute pictures, but I do have to ask....where is the cute picture of your awesome sister? Oh, I know, there aren't any cute ones of her! :)