The Adventures of the Simster

I had many plans for the day... cleaning out the kids' clothes to get ready for fall, plan & have cub scouts, meeting, music practice... etc. However, life has a way of ... well, happening. After a slow morning and some nice quiet time from the kids to get some work done, I was finally getting myself presentable around 11:30am.



I flipped around to see blood gushing down the Simster's forehead into his eyes. Even without my contacts in, I knew immediately that he had fallen into the dresser and that the cut on his forehead was going to need stitches. That's about as far as logic got me before I just whipped into frantic action. I've never had a child bleed so much! I yelled for DH who was downstairs working and then took him to the sink. DH was a little more cool-headed and got the bleeding to stop enough to get a band-aid on to take him to the UrgentCare. I wasn't quite ready and neither was the Bubbs, so DH took Sim and headed out.

12:10pm - I am finishing getting ready waiting for hubby's call. Bubbs admits she pushed Simster when he fell. She was rather repentant for a three-year-old. We say a prayer together for him. DH calls and says the doctor at the UrgentCare can stitch it up but she recommends taking him to a plastic surgeon at Primary Children's to reduce the scarring. Yikes!

12:30pm - DH and Sim arrive to pick up E and I to head to Primary Children's to get the stitches.

1:00pm - Arrival. They checked us in and did vitals rather quickly and put some numbing stuff on Sim's gash. We realized it's an IHC facility and we were a little nervous about insurance because our insurance doesn't cover all IHC stuff. The staff said they took all insurance so we breathed a sigh of relief.

1:45pm - They take us back to a room and the nurse practitioner checks him out. She says she could probably do the stitches but we still ask for the plastic surgeon to look at it. Sim is acting fine really, trying to run away from us and laughing. They are really nice to the kids (they've seen a bunch of course) and we pass the time watching TV.

2:30pm - Plastic surgeon peeks in and looks. He says there might not be a huge difference between what he could do and an ER doctor, but we opt for him to do it. He has a couple of other things to do first so we would be waiting a while. We read books and watch TV. E is actually being really good considering we had no lunch and Sim couldn't eat so we didn't want her eating in front of him.

3:00pm - Nurses come in and start Sim's IV. He cries during the IV but once it's in, he snuggles with his dad and falls asleep.

3:15pm - Plastic surgeon returns, nurse puts blood pressure, breathing & pulse monitors on Sim and they set up. They put some anesthesia through the IV and get started. The resilient Simster fights the doses of anesthesia almost the whole time but he's completely out by the end. E was VERY good and let the surgeon do his job.

3:50pm - Stitches - nine stitches - are finished! I make a quick call to make sure someone's at our house to tell them cub scouts is canceled. Sim is still out from the anesthesia.

5:15pm - After making sure Sim is okay - he can sip water, sit up and is coherent, we check out!

We spent the rest of the evening getting some food for him, buying him a new comfort animal for being such a good boy, taking care of his body and his wound and getting the kiddos to bed. We were very blessed overall but after the kids went to bed we realized how physically and emotionally drained we were. We are grateful for the comforts of life we are blessed with and for the expertise of doctors and nurses who care for our loved ones!

Here's my trooper!