Happy 5th Anniversary!

Well, who knew? We made it five years already! Although I am not so thrilled about the actual events of today (we had some tentative plans that didn't work out, then it looked like they might work out but then it was too late... - now? no plans, no bbsitter, grumpy kids...), I AM thrilled about our anniversary! I tried to track down cute pics of our lives together, but it seems like there's only pictures of one of us with the kids or just one of us, how boring... we need to take more couple pictures! So just a rare few...

The day we were married was beautiful and HOT! We were married in Manti in August and it was probably 150 degrees or something. I didn't get cold feet until I realized at the temple doors that my dress, which had already been worn for an open house and a reception, was a little dirty at the hem. I didn't want to wear a dirty dress in the temple! But after some reassurance and consoling by my sis and my hubby-to-be, I wore it anyway. The best part of the entire experience was being sealed for time and all eternity to my bestest friend! Looking back, I would have chosen a different honeymoon, reception, food, gotten my hair done, etc, but the most important things were wonderful and I would still do many things the same, especially marry my sweetie!

I was blessed to be able to trick him into marrying me. I always joke that he was kind of a jerk while we were dating so now I get to be the jerk the whole time we're married! Of course, I get the better deal - and I joke about it, but it's still true sometimes. He is very good to me, even when I don't deserve it. He's on his 3rd pregnancy now - well, I mean, taking care of his wife the 3rd pregnant time - and he is always trying to do his best to take care of me and let me get some needed rest or a break. He is a wonderful father who shares much of the child-raising, he has encouraged me to pursue my current occupation and supported me by taking care of the kids when I have to be on-site for my job. He is very talented, smart, hard-working, fun-to-be-around, forgiving, understanding, patient, and of course, extremely handsome! While we were dating, on the outside, we were very different and often had conflicting interests - but I think we actually complement each other rather well - we each have weaknesses where the other is strong and strengths where the other may be weak - and we have grown more alike/accommodating over the five years we've been married. I am grateful to him for all that he is and does and look forward to the adventures we will continue to have as time goes on!

Happy Anniversary!


What a great tribute. I am so glad that you two have each other! We love both you and P so much. He is perfect for you and you for him! Happy Anniversary!
Anonymous said…
beautiful post. just beautiful. love the pics especially of you guys on the temple grounds with the sun shining. wow that looks so good. also love the pic of you guys kissing. adorable.

congrats! blessings this Sabbath day to you and your family, kathleen