A New Look & Power Outage

One of my new goals is to start spicing up my life a little instead of just complaining about things I don't do/have. I decided that I could start with my blog and it wouldn't cost me any money! Now if only new bedroom furniture and a start to a new wardrobe could be as cheap! :) At any rate, this is my first trial look. I might change it if I decide a. I don't like it or b. It's too cheesy (see a.)

Now to the main adventure... yesterday a transformer blew and it resulted in a major power outage for about 10 houses in the neighborhood. When it first went out at 5:30pm, we all assumed it was out in the entire neighborhood and waited patiently for it to come back on. Our lovely Sunday dinner was about 45 minutes away from being done in the slow cooker. We ended up taking a walk and my smart hubby observed that there were others in the subdivision watching TV, enjoying having their lights on, running the dryer, etc. When we got back, our neighbors had called the power company. The first guy came to check on it but couldn't fix it, and the crew wouldn't be free until 10pm! We ended up with sandwiches for dinner (it also got dark early so we had a candlelight dinner - we should have fed the kids more veggies since they couldn't see what they were eating :). Luckily we were supplied with flashlights, candles, food (nongourmet of course) and even lightstick bracelets to entertain the kids. Since I had a music practice at the church, the fam came along to hang out in the air-conditioning and light. The Simster went down to sleep easily but since the Bubbs is lately a lights-on sleeper, she had some issues.

The crew didn't show up at 10pm. Or 11pm. We were pretty sure we were out for the night - we were blessed with a cool breeze so our house temp still stayed around 78 degrees even without fans or AC. The power beeped on around 1:30am so they must have fixed it. Still, 8 hours without power required a major discardation of pretty much all of the food in the fridge (freezer stuff's okay). I spent all of today emptying out the fridge then going shopping to replenish it. It's amazing how dependent we are on electricity. Although DH and I discussed it and if it had a been a full-blown, major outage, we would still have been okay. We had plenty of light and batteries, a decent amount of non-perishable food available, clothes had been washed, we have a wood-burning fireplace so if it had been cold, we could have had a fire. It was nice to realize that we are at least in a pretty good position right now if it had been worse. As it was, it was just an inconvenience. I mean, DH without computers or the internet for 8 hours? Yikes! :)


Anonymous said…
hello diemutti: congrats on hitting five years together. i love seeing the temples. that is what i am preparing for now. i chose our church 2 1/2 years ago and was baptized 23aug2005. no greater gift have i ever been given. i know this is THEE way. even though i was raised in this church as a child, i rejected it, and sought out countless churches during my adult life, never joined any, just kept looking. so glad i found this one finally (or it found me). i wrote about my conversion story in my 21apr2007 post if you'd like to read it. so grateful for conversion week -- that turning point in my life -- and since.

thank you for visiting my blog last night (on my "He is real" post). you don't know how good it was to see your words at 3am this morning. just what i needed to see while experiencing a really tough adversity these last 2 weeks plus. thank you for your perfect timing words. blessings to you this day and come back anytime of course, kathleen

ps. are you the sister of "i have a good life" blogger? i have read her blog off and on during these last months. seems like a real down to earth and kind person who i would like in person, too. thanks again for your perfect timing words when you didn't even know i needed that kind of encouragement. yes, i am "so grateful to be Mormon." when i was thinking of a pen name/blog to use, i thought it has to be something that says what is soooo important to -- means everything to me. i wanted people who clicked on my words to know immediately what i hold most dear. blessings this day your way ...
so...you didn't like my look anymore and decided to branch out...I see how you are! :) Just Kidding, of course, but it was a shocker to see it changed this morning. Sorry about the power outage. I know we talked recently...but I miss talking to you. Maybe I will call you on my way home from the temple this afternoon. Love ya.