Bubbs' Birthday, Take 1

Well, the Bubbs celebrated her 3rd birthday today (more on today in my next post)... She is growing up so fast! I can barely believe it! At any rate, we did things differently this year - we celebrated a little as a family early and then had a party (a Dora party, of course) with her little friends today.
On Wednesday we took the Bubbs and the Simster to a blow-up jumping place called "Bouncin' Off the Walls". They only have Open Bounce on Wednesdays, so we had to make it then or not at all this week. We only paid $5 for the whole family! (Parents bounce free, and the lady let Sim in free as well - what a deal)! Both kids LOVED it - E calls it the "jumpoline place" which is the cutest! One of the jumping things was a football field/basketball court so Sim was in heaven!

After that we took them to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner... The coolest thing about that place is definitely not the pizza, the price, or even Chuck E. Cheese - it was that they had arcade games even toddlers could play and they gave the kids tickets even if they lost the game. Then when they cashed in the tickets for prizes, they felt pretty good about themselves. :)

We finished up the night with a quick tript to Ikea to pick up some stuff for the Bubbs - a table + two chairs, a toy box, and (because her dad couldn't resist...) a little play "igloo" (really a tent). It was a bit of a long evening/night, but totally worth it! We had some fun, family-focused time and really got to enjoy being together! It was like Family Night on steroids :)


How fun! Happy Birthday, E! Wish so much that we could've been there!