Fall's Pros and Cons

I thought I would do something fun, since I have nothing spectacular to post (we DID get our new bed and I took some "Before" pictures and will take some "After" pictures when I think the makeover's complete). It's been cooler the past few days and I thought I'd list my Fall Pros and Cons (mostly Pros - fall's my favorite season)

Pros (top ten):
10. almost time to WATCH the Jazz play instead of hearing DH talk about it
9. lower electricity bill (this summer's been a killer!)
8. almost time to give up on the lawn (yeah! dormant grass!)
7. birthdays (the Bubbs, my nephew, my parents, mine, my BIL, my MIL etc)
6. taking a family trip to the mountains to see the fall colors
5. cute jeans, sweaters, coats, comfy blankets and pjs
4. the briskness & crispness of the air that takes your breath away
3. time for fires in the fireplace
2. BYU football
1. HOT CHOCOLATE (I love it I love it I love it!)

Cons (as many as I could think of)
10. time to get the furnace checked out
9. have to actually put shoes and socks on the kiddos, no sandals
8. have to buy the cute clothes talked about in Pro #5 - kids keep growing!
7. not as much playground time & kids can get antsy
6. sometimes it's just plain gloomy
5. Halloween is not my favorite holiday
4. hmmm... I can't think of any more... I guess I should just have put "Top 5 Cons"

I love fall!

P.S. Please enjoy the picture of E & S actually snuggling each other and looking like they like being brother & sister - although if you look closely... is the Bubbs strangling him? :)


Cute siblings! I love Fall, too! We must be related or something! Hooray for the Jazz season starting. Only about one month to go. Is DH depressed about the AK thing? My DH is. I don't know why. I think it is goodbye and good riddence (sp.?) time. He has been a downer most of the time for a few years. Maybe after his work in Europe he will be valuable enough to trade for somebody perfect! :)