Happy Birthday Bubbs! (Take 2)

The Bubbs is officially three years old! I am so amazed at how time flies! We were contemplating E behind the wheel in say, 12 years, and I was thinking how long it sounds but how quickly it time will pass! I've really got to enjoy the time I have with her as a little girl!

Anywho - against my better judgment we threw her a Dora party... Just kidding, it really wasn't that bad! Besides the fruit pizza catastrophe (think sugar cookie dough, oven, a little smoke...), everything went rather well. She had four little girls over and we did Dora everything! We did coloring, tatoos, DuckDuckGoose (well that' not Dora but it didn't really work anyway...), made Dora's backpack out of manila envelopes and ribbon and felt, ate cake and ice cream, opened presents, and went on a mini-treasure hunt to find the party favors. I haven't thrown a party before and I have to say my first attempt went pretty well (thanks to my sis, my DH, and the internet). The gifts they gave fit perfectly, she was thrilled, and no one cried -> everyone went home with stickers and candy and they were happy! We spent the rest of the day attending a neighborhood BBQ, watching the BYU game (go Cougars!), having cake & ice cream with Oma & Opa, playing with toys and listening to the rain! My daughter definitely went to bed happy! (And we still have a few presents she didn't get to open yet!) Happy Birthday Kid = Happy Mom!


So glad that the party went well! We had no idea what time you'd be doing stuff...so we called a few times, but it sounds like the day was very full! The party really sounds like it ROCKED! You are an awesome mom.