Hello from CO!

Well... here we are, on vacation in Colorado! DH had to come out to help out with the opening of the new Children's Hospital, so we packed up and came with him! I was a little skeptical because I have had a lot going on with work, but with a high-speed internet connection at the hotel, I have been able to do a bunch. The drive over wasn't bad and my kids have LOVED staying at the hotel, playing with Gma and Gpa, and doing something different. Besides the 30 minute crying/screaming session in the hotel yesterday, I've enjoyed it as well! I have already visited with a few old friends and plan to see a couple more before the weekend's over! :) (Don't you love the picture? All of us in Colorado and here's a pic of my troops watching the Rockies game in the hotel...)


I had no idea you were over there! :) How fun! I wish that I were there, too! :) We keep missing you...but perhaps you've been in CO and that is why. BTW: We need to draw names for Christmas...does your amazing hubby want to do that randomizer thing again?