Labor Day $hopping...

So I have a wonderful recipe post complete with picture, but I can't find my USB cable right now so you'll just have to anticipate the wonderfulness...

Until then, I thought I'd post about our Labor Day. We had a great desire to get tons of stuff done - however, it was over 100 degrees and my motivation was about -3 on a scale of 1 to 10. DH got to talking about how much he thinks he would sleep better if we had a better bed. We've been toying with the idea of an intelli-gel mattress set. DH has decided it's the best choice of the higher-end beds. I will admit that I don't always sleep the greatest, but let's remember I'm six months pregnant. Usually I can sleep anywhere. Like on a park bench. Or in a fish tank. Seriously.

Anywhoo- to make a long story short, we ditched the cleaning/fixing idea and exchanged it for a $hopping day. We went to the MyComfort store, tested out the mattresses (while the Bubbs and Simster climbed all over the beds like monkeys), checked out the deals and promotions and decided to purchase one (with a 60 night return policy). DH decided on the King size but even if we'd decided on the queen we would have needed a new bed frame (we only have a full right now). We've been saving up for a while to get both a new mattress and bed frame, so we decided to check out our options.

Next stop? The IKEA warehouse. This was our first time there and I have to admit - pretty amazing! It's huge and pretty and has some great stuff (and some not so great stuff too, of course). They have a children's play area to drop off kids, but because of the holiday there was no room so we just pulled ours along behind us. We found a bed frame that was nice but not too pricey with a couple of cool options/extras we could add to if we wanted. We also made note of some other cool ideas and ended up with a rug and a wok as well. When we went to the warehouse to pick up the frame, the King size in the color we wanted was gone! We asked the guy and he said he didn't know when more would come in. Nuts! We were a teensy bit bummed. But we will probably wait it out and sleep without a frame when the mattress arrives. It's just a really good deal and we don't think we'll find something else in the price range that we like. Plus I wouldn't mind another visit to IKEA... :)

We ended our $hopping with a much needed grocery store run and were all bushed by the time we got home. Quick dinner, FHE, and kids to bed.

Now I just have to rearrange our master bedroom to fit the king-size!

On the horizon: Sim's stitches come out tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
way cool.

glad your little guy is healing fine, too.

I LOVE IKEA! I am jealous that y'all have one so relatively close now. I hope you guys love your new bed...although for you...I can attest that you can sleep anywhere. I was always jealous about that. Where will the Legend Bed Frame go?