On this day...

I promise, this is my final post about the Bubbs... I just like how others have the birth story of their kids posted on their birthday... Mine's pretty much short and sweet but here it goes...

I was very antsy to have E. I think most moms feel that way about kid #1. When my due date (the 16th) came and went, I was pretty grumpy. I did a non-stress test and everything was fine. The doctor checked me and I was 75% effaced and not even dilated to a 1. Bummer. We scheduled an induction on the 22nd. However, I started having contractions on Monday night/Tuesday morning. I was having contractions all day Tuesday and did the whole take a bath thing, walk around, etc and they still were coming! Yipee! By the time evening rolled around, the contractions were probably about 7 minutes apart and lasted 2 minutes. I was getting a little nervous because the hospital was over an hour away and I feared a car/highway birth. :) We tried to sleep because I needed to be at the hospital Wednesday morning at 6am no matter what. By 12:30am I was done and DH called the hospital. They said I was probably okay but I could come in if I wanted since I'd be there anyway later in the morning. We packed up and took off. The contractions were 4-5 minutes apart and lasting longer the whole drive down, but DH was good and supportive and we moved quickly (thank you UHP for not being around).

When we got to the hospital around 3am, they admitted us and then the nurse checked me - I was dilated! - to a 2. Poop. They didn't send me home but just hooked me up and gave the dr a call. We passed the time slowly and painfully. I didn't feel comfortable on the bed and didn't know if I could get up while hooked to the machines, so when the nurse offered pain meds, I took it! Around 5:30am they ended up giving me the pitocin because my labor had stalled a little. My doc okayed the epidural around 6am and I was home free from there on out! (I am very impressed with natural birth, but me + epidural was extremely pleasant). DH was sleepy and passed out on the couch. E's heartbeat went down and I had to be put on oxygen and DH slept through that too :) By just after 11am I was ready to push. I pushed twice and then the nurse said "Wait - I've got to get the doctor!" He suited up and I pushed a few more times and out she slid! She was born at 11:31am and was 7 lbs, 5 oz. She must have my genes because just like me the cord was wrapped around her neck. I was impressed at how the doctor just calmly unwrapped her like it was no big deal - I didn't worry about it all. DH cut the cord and we both marveled at how beautiful and slimy and red and wonderful she was! It's hard to describe the feeling of holding your first child (or any child) in your arms for the first time. She remained nameless for several hours (I was convinced I would come up with something better than E - DH was convinced it was the right name - and he was right). What an amazing experience!

And what an experience to continue to see her grow and learn and progress! What a blessing to be a mother!


She has always been such a beautiful girl! What an awesome niece I am blessed with. K can't wait to talk to her....or to see her again, for that matter! Happy, Happy Birthday to E and her parents!