Happy Birthday to Me!

This is not the greatest picture, but it will have to do until I (if I) post pictures of the day. I am having a birthday today! Yipee! Actually, the past few days have been a little crazy and we're leaving for Texas tomorrow (YEAH!) so I am trying to tie up loose ends before we go and don't have a lot of plans for my Bday. It doesn't even really feel like a bday! DH is home, so I've had a nice break while he does some of the child-entertaining and housework. I will probably go spend some money today on something I want (the question is: what do I want?) and we have tentative plans to go out to dinner - depending on if I get everything done.

The weird thing about this whole not-really-a-birthday birthday is that I'm not even really bummed or depressed that I'm not doing/having more. Usually I feel a little sad that not everyone in my family goes to great lengths for my bday like I do for theirs, but I'm just mellow about today. I guess I'm getting more mature. Or just tired. Or just EXCITED to go to see my awesome sister and her cute family! That's birthday present enough!

One of my friends asked me today what my favorite birthday memory was and my least favorite... I'm not actually sure about either. I have had many many good birthdays... but not so many fantastic or awful birthdays. A couple that stick out: 20 years ago my grandpa passed away. Well, actually, it was the day before my birthday. It wasn't an awful birthday, but everyone was definitely more somber and subdued. They tried to make my birthday joyous, but I knew that grandpa had died and couldn't be with me anymore. I definitely won't forget that day. Another one was 8 years ago when I celebrated a birthday in Germany. I thought I would miss everything about being home that day, but I had some great friends and a great host family and I enjoyed having a customary German party - it's something I may never experience again!

Another year older and wiser (I hope) too! :)


Litnak Family said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This is my first time on your BLOG and it just happened to land or you special day!! I didn't know you heading to Texas again...are you going to look at houses and stuff or is this just for a visit? I am sure you will have a blast and be safe I will see you at church when you get back!
J said…
Happy Day to you! Since I'm late doing it, you probably won't believe me, but I was getting ready to send you an e-card for today. You just beat me by replying to my blog before I could! But I knew it was your birthday and I'm glad it's a mellow, although busy day for you. Yay on the trip! you guys sure are travelers! Are you going to miss the first sacrament meeting? (check out my chapel slide show hehe)
Happy Birthday!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT to see you tomorrow. I might just have to kidnap you and never let you go home! :) I had forgotten that Grandpa died so near your birthday. Tomorrow will be your birthday again, okay? :)
Anonymous said…
happy birthday! are you still so grateful to be Mormon? blessings, kathleen :)