Looks Like...?

I have been pretty unmotivated to post lately (getting the house decluttered and cleaned, taking care of church callings, work is getting busier, and I am getting greater and greater with child...) but I saw this "Look-alike Meter" and just loved the idea - we even discussed this tonight - who do the kids look like? Well, according to my results...

So the common opinion holds true here - the Bubbs looks like her Dad & the Simster looks like me! (Which brings me to the idea of "nature" making the first child look like the father so that the father will feel a kinship to the kid and stick around... supposedly around since the beginning of time...any thoughts?)


Litnak Family said…
This is cool...did you just put the pictures in and it did it for you?
Hey so have you decided on a name yet for the new little one?
Hey if you ever need any help just call!