Welcome Baby #3 & Other Random Thoughts...

Ah ha! Some of you actually thought I was posting this because the baby is here! Not true - however, I am scheduled to be induced on December 3rd. That's MONDAY, people! Woohoo! I am to the point where although I know life is going to be hard with three, I would rather have the little one out than in! :)

And also on the home front... We took the kiddies to see Bee Movie on Monday. It was family day all day so cheaper tickets and we needed to get out of the house so the people could come by to see it. This was their first movie theater movie (well, actually, the Bubbs went with us to see Work and the Glory but she was only two months old at the time). We like our small town theater because it's rarely crowded - only one other family was in the theater for the movie. And... drum roll... they LOVED it and behaved themselves fabulously! They sat still and watched pretty much the whole thing (although if the Simster hadn't had control of the popcorn, he might have been worse). I was pleasantly surprised! :) My kids are growing up!

Lastly, I am trying to make a dent in the huge "To do" list before Monday. I haven't been extremely successful. For example, still on my list?
  • wash & install baby's carseat
  • wash baby clothes
  • pack for hospital
  • finish programming and testing ELC final exams (for my work)
  • put up Christmas tree & decorations
  • shop for Christmas gifts (goal was to be done before baby - yeah, right)
  • Cub Scout Pinewood Derby
  • feed missionaries (although I don't remember which day and they haven't returned my calls... so basically they could surprise me any time)
  • teach the Bubbs to read
  • potty-train the Simster
So the last two are kind of a joke, but I am still running behind on pretty much everything. I was really discouraged earlier today. So much to do, so little time, so much fighting from my poor housebound-because-it's-freezing-outside children... But I had a small victory this evening - one of the things on my list was to get our VT circle done (like VTing but kind of in a group setting). We have a sister in our circle that I haven't been able to reach for months and I wasn't expecting success, but I contacted her tonight, found out the only day she can meet is tomorrow, called the other three sisters and was blessed that they were all still free! So one important thing I can cross off my list. Also done?
  • house is in good enough shape that we can get it ready to show with 15 minutes notice (still some improvements to make, but the basics are always ready)
  • Pinewood Derby reminders passed out
  • couple loads of laundry done
  • free-cycled our old couch (hopefully they'll pick it up Friday)
  • went to final doctor's appointment
  • made one final "nicer" meal for my family who's bound to be living on mac n cheese and pizza next week (even made brownies!)

"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass" (Alma 37:6) Right?