Life at My House

Well, I have BIG NEWS (yeah, about the whole house/move thing), but you'll have to stay tuned for that. In order to keep myself sane (hubby is out-of-town for the first time since PJ was born), let me just post the conversation taking place at my house right now. E (3 years old) and S (almost 2).
E: Do you want to be like Jesus?
S: Yeah.
E: Then you have to be nice. Let's go find Jesus... and Gilmore Girls.
S: Yeah. Lead me, guide me, walk me find the way.
E: Now we have to find the star and Jesus. Then we can be nice.
S: Yeah.
E: But oh my phone is ringing like Mommy's. I have to talk to Jesus on the phone. (picks up phone) Hello, Jesus? Do you love me?
S: The phone, the phone is ringing... What's gonna work? Team-work!
E: Wait, I need to say a prayer. Or a testimony.
S: No, I say it. NO!
E: Okay, you say it.
S: I testimonies..
E: NO! You have to say: I like my testimony...I church is true.
S: NO! (smack! on his sister's head)
E: S! That is NOT nice! (smack! on his head) Okay, do you want to be like Jesus?
S: (whimpers) Yeah.
And the whole thing starts over again. You can tell five things from this conversation:
  1. We have had several FHE lessons on compassion and being nice.
  2. They are kind of working (as noted by the references to "Jesus" and "nice"), and kind of not (as noted by the "smack!").
  3. The Wonder Pets songs are annoyingly catchy (the kids have only watched the show like four times).
  4. Sometimes my three-year-old listens at church. And in FHE. And in general.
  5. At my house, even conversations about Jesus will contain fighting.

And with that, I leave you. See if all my kids are alive tomorrow.


Litnak Family said…
That is hillarious maybe one day I can post about my girls having a conversation about Jesus but for now Charity can only point out Jesus and gasps (Uhh)!
That is way too cute. C and K were rolling on the floor. I have a feeling that I will be reading it many times to them...they loved it so much!