A Mother's Doodee

So as I was standing in the bathroom, trying unsuccessfully to get the poopoo stains off of PJ's clothes, I started thinking...
*Newborn poop seems to stain like no other. Which is funny because all she's eating is mama's milk.
*Blowouts inevitably happen when my newborns are wearing the cutest clothes.
*If I added up all the time I've spent scrubbing stained clothes (bodily functions, food mishaps, the run-in with the markers...) in my 3.5 years of being a mom, I'll bet I could have gone on a nice cruise with that time.
*I am very grateful for Shout and Spray n Wash. I've had the most success with Spray N Wash Dual Power (with Oxy).
*What did mothers do before Spray n Wash? I have read my share of "historical" fiction and I don't once remember anyone mentioning how those mommas got rid of newborn poop stains. Maybe I should research this.
*In 100 years, maybe my descendants will have such high-tech stain removal systems (like laser beams or something) and will wonder, How did Great-Grandma get rid of those stains?
*Most likely, no one will document the process and my descendants won't have a clue.

So since I was thinking about this, I decided to document my doodee system:
  1. I cry.
  2. I say "How come you had to have a blowout?"
  3. I say "This is gross, sweetie."
  4. I change the offensive diaper using numerous Pampers sensitive baby wipes.
  5. I put the soiled clothes in the sink.
  6. I scrub the poop out using some regular bar soap and cool water.
  7. I repeat steps 1 through 3.
  8. I douse the clothes with spray n wash.
  9. I wash the clothes.
  10. I look at the clothes after washing and often still see stains. I repeat steps 1 through 3. Then I repeat steps 8 & 9. Hopefully that does it.

So, children of the future, no laughing. This is how hard life was for us moms. Plus, we had to walk 40 miles to school in the snow. With no shoes. Uphill both ways.

(I wanted to post a poop picture, but decided against it. Just me and PJ hanging out. She's cooing right now. It must feel good to have a clean bum.)


What a great pict! You look so good! :) How'd the blessing go? Sorry for the poop. It happens. Hee Hee. Love ya.
Sonja said…
You crack me up! Who else but you would think about documenting 'POOP Mishaps'. Ditto on that shout dual. Back in my day we used washboards stones. We've come along way.
Ohhhhh, I am going to miss you! 'can you see the tears'
Litnak Family said…
You know I must be a bad Mom because I don't usually do the 1-3 step I might rinse it if it is curdly but if it is just wet I take it right down and put the spray in wash on it and it goes in the next load of laundry, that's what I do. Ditto to Sonja you will be GREATLY missed by all...but don't think you can stop us from keeping tabs by checking out your blog! :) you can't get away that easy tee hee hee!!!
Heike said…
Thank you for adding me onto your blog roll. I enjoy your site very much.
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