Random Tired Thoughts

Pres Hinckley passed away today. What an amazing man; I'm sad my children will not remember much about him as prophet.

Two times people see what you really look like: during childbirth and when you move a house with 3 small children.

Moving makes you realize how much crap stuff you have. Really.

People are awesome. We have had so much help and support from family, friends, and ward members throughout the past week. Many thanks! I hope to repay you - even if it's just by passing it on and helping someone else.

Even when you are excited about something, you can dread it too. We FINALLY finished packing/cleaning and said goodbye to our house of almost four years and many wonderful friends. I am sad. We are embarking on a new adventure in our lives and I will have my sister close by. I am excited. It's a love/hate thing.

We're in Little America after being on the road for 4+ hours, with one stop for food, 2 stops to feed PJ and too many times of saying "PLEASE stop kicking my chair!" and now saying "Get back in bed!"

I am tired. But relieved. And sad. And happy. Did I mention tired?

More moving (complete with pictures) at a later date. We'll be at my parents' tomorrow.


I cannot believe you had the time to post! I understand the love/hate thing. But.. the good news is (one of my favorite quotes): the pain now is part of he happiness then. If you loved leaving, you would probably have had a horrid four years there! I can't wait until you get here. I will take could care of all five of you, I promise!
Sonja said…
The storm has moved in and I worried about your drive. I am glad you made it to Little America. Are prayers are with you.
I'm amazed that you had time to blog....wow, you are amazing!
danika said…
I cant believe you guys are really gone. How you will be missed. Haley can't stop say "Thier really gone" She will miss you all so much. Hope you made it safely.