Adventures in Texas

The kids and I went on one of our first adventures in Texas. I was excited when I saw on the internet that there's a German deli in the area and this morning, in the still really really windy coldness (Chicago's the windy city?!) I packed up the troops and went off to find it. And I eventually got there. I ended up getting off of the correct exit only to get pushed back on the highway (weird Texas on- and offramps...) and then my directions told me to go right instead of left, so I circled a shopping center for 10 minutes before seeing the flying German flag on the other side of the road. Ta da!

I was like a kid in a candy store! Literally, kind of, since I picked up DH's favorite (Kinder) and the weltberühmte Gummibären. They had all sorts of German goodies to make. A little expensive but worth it once in a while. I can make some traditional German stuff and even a little treat (Milchreis). The kids were good, the ladies were sweet, and the stuff was great. Did I mention the kids were good? Of course, I tried to speak in German, and E switches back and forth fine, but the Simster responds in English. The ladies probably thought he didn't understand what I was saying. Gotta work on that.

DH comes home tomorrow! Yeah!


Kristy said…
This has been fun reading about your adventures. Your kids are growing up way too fast. Let us know when you come back to SLC for a visit. Austin would love to see his girlfriend again. The Ashbys
Litnak Family said…
It is amazing to me that you are teaching them German even though your Husband can't really speak it. WAY TO GO!
the lazy reader said…
Howdy y'all out there in Texas. Sonja just let me know that half our ward blogs. I had no idea but am so excited to be able to keep in touch.