Another February Birthday!

It's that time again! DH is another year older and wiser too!

Unfortunately, he can't be home on his birthday (the parts didn't show at the account, so he won't be home until tomorrow...) Poor DH! :( But although I can't give him a kiss today, I'll post a picture of me giving him a kiss!

I was remembering the first birthday he had when we were dating... I made him breakfast for dinner (bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, waffles with strawberries & whipped topping), prepared a candlelight dinner in the living room of my apartment complete with candles and sparkling cider, and got him a few presents. Then I picked him up (in his car, of course, since I didn't have one), blindfolded him, drove him around and around until he was dizzy and carsick and then parked and walked him to my apartment. I think I tricked him, but when I took the blindfold off, he said, "I knew this was where you were taking me!" We had an almost uninterrupted dinner and he was flattered! (I wanted to post a picture, but of course, they're in storage.) For the next birthday, we went to St George (it was also our 6 month anniversary). I was a much better birthday giver before the kids :) I'll have to remedy that!

DH's dad always says we should give the parents presents on our birthdays, since they gave us life in the first place. And you know, I am definitely very glad that my wonderful hubby was born! I love him so much and he does so much for our family! I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow and celebrating with him!

Happy Birthday, DH! And many more... ! :)


Happy Happy birthday to your DH! It really is too bad that he had to be away on his birthday. I am sure you will surprise him with something wonderful! :)
Lindsay said…
what a great pic!