Apartment Dwellers

We are officially in Texas! Wow! We made it! We actually spent one day at my parents, and an overnight at DH's sister's in Oklahoma. I would have posted sooner, but between moving stuff into storage, visiting with my parents, church, being sick, PJ being extra needy, etc, I hadn't found time.

This is the view from our apartment. With enormous help from my sis, we finally found a good situation for us. Instead of moving some of our stuff into an apartment and most of it somewhere else, we have a "corporate" apartment. Basically it's like an extended stay hotel. It is completely furnished (although a little sparse on dishes), so basically all we had to haul up to the third floor were our clothes and some toys.

E and S love to ride around on our balcony. And where's all of our stuff, you might ask? It's in a storage unit. Tightly packed into a storage unit. We are SOOO grateful to my sis and her DH because it was basically the four of us who moved all of our stuff from the moving trailer into the storage unit. It took some of two days and lots of sore muscles, but it's DONE!

Now of course my question is... how do I live in a little apartment with three kids for a month without going crazy? My kids are a little wound-up from all the change and I'm not sure how to keep them quiet/entertained without completely annoying my fellow apartment residents on the side and below us. At least I'm blessed to have my sister to bug and a pond (stocked with fish) right behind us. And we're in Texas, so I'm not fighting blizzards to take them outside (just some wind and a little rain).

Like the furnishings? We also went to a new ward on Sunday. It's the ward we're living in now, not the ward our house is in, so I don't know if we'll go back there. But it is sure nice to know that the Church is the same wherever you go. The people were very very welcoming and sweet. The Bubbs was excited because they had at least 8 Sunbeams (poor Sunbeam teacher...) and when I went to get her from class, she said, "Church is fun, mom!" Even the Simster did fine in nursery without me, and the sweetest sister held PJ for much of Relief Society (PJ was pretty much the only baby...that was a weird change...) At any rate, we are enjoying this new adventure, but are still missing the friends and normalcy of home. Stay tuned!


Sonja said…
Glad to hear that you made it safe and sound.
The apartment looks nice, okay maybe that bed spread leaves much to be desired MMmmmm but that wont last long.
Zoee said that when she see's a falling star she will wish you guys back here.
Miss you!!
Jen said…
Hey! I'm happy to see you got there safely. Good luck with all the upheaval, but hopefully before you know it you will be all settled in. Have fun in TX!
Litnak Family said…
Well that sounds nice not to have to unpack and pack your stuff back up a month later. I am sure it is hard to try to keep you kids quieter so they wont disturb neighbors, but I am sure they would understand...I mean they are kids after all! Good luck with everything, keep us posted!:)
I am glad your kids have the balcony. How fun that it is so secure that you can work inside while they are playing out there...just be careful about the chairs and the railing! Mom and Dad were so exhausted after watching all our kiddos! Remember...my house is 20 minutes away...you can visit when you get stir crazy. C wants you here at least once a day, remember! And...S can't wait to see your kids again! :)
danika said…
Look at your cute little ones. they seem to be running about like nothing has changed. We miss you guys tons. you all look great. miss you.