Haircuts and a Playgroup

Yesterday was the Bubbs' FIRST haircut!

Yes, I know she's three, but both DH and I like her hair long and were both afraid to ruin it and both didn't want to pay for someone else to do it... It's been getting a little ratty at the ends, and I know it's healthy to cut it, so yesterday I did it! It was a little scary, but E was happy to wear the little barber cape that came with DH's new clippers. And she doesn't look half bad! (But all I did is trim. No bangs, no shaping. Just a trim.) And DH also clippered (which is not a word, even if you're talking about the LA Clippers) his own hair and his son. Fun times!

And of course, not to be out-pictured, here's PJ! She doesn't have enough hair for a haircut (just a bald guy's mullet) but she needed a picture...she's finally batting at the toys when she's in her bouncer. They really do grow up fast!

And on another note, today I went to a playgroup with some moms in my new ward. It was only my second Sunday in their ward and several of them invited me. I am just so grateful for the Church that helps us fellowship each other and feel included. Thanks to Carrie and Wendy - it was a blast! Eight moms, six babies under six months old and a bunch of toddlers and preschoolers... what more could you want? E and S had a good time once they warmed up a bit (plus, the Simster was one of only two boys over six months old - how could he not have fun with a bunch of girls?) Since we plan on staying here for years to come, I am excited for my kids to grow up with good friends!


Litnak Family said…
saving money and doing the hair cuts your self is a GREAT idea way to go on being brave. I think it might take me a while to cut Charity's hair but we will see!!
the lazy reader said…
I miss you guys so much. They are all so cute.
danika said…
I am only brave enough to cut the boys hair. They don't care if you mess up and they end up bald. The girls, Not so much. You are brave !