Happy Birthday, Simster!

Well, you can tell the Simster is the 2nd kid... His birthday was on Saturday and I am just posting today :) Actually, the poor buddy had to deal with a Mommy who has a cold that just won't go away. I spent much of Saturday not even being able to swallow and it's been going on more or less since we left Utah (3 weeks!). Even today I've been trying to get rid of it. Yucky colds. Enough about me.

It was very fitting that Sim's birthday was rainy, gloomy, windy, cold and wet. When he was born 2 years ago, it was during a nasty storm that we made our way to the hospital. I was going to be induced on the 20th, but it was President's Day so the doc said he would induce on either the 16th or the 21st. We chose the 16th because it was (duh!) earlier and because the 21st is BIL's bday and we wanted S to have his own day. The night before I was induced, it snowed and snowed. MIL almost didn't make it down to watch the Bubbs. With all my kids, I put off the whole packing thing until absolutely necessary (good thing we didn't have any real emergencies!) and we stayed up late getting ready. We headed to the hospital at 5:30am to arrive by 6am to be induced. The roads were nasty, but luckily we were early enough we missed a lot of the traffic.

It ended up being a busy baby day and since I wasn't in active labor, I had to wait. I didn't end up getting the pitocin to start labor until after 8am. DH and I settled in to watch some Judging Amy and I read a little. Of course, as is tradition, DH slept a little too :) What is it about me having babies that puts him to sleep? :) When I was at about a 3, I got an epidural, and it was smooth sailing from there on out. I slept a little, watched some TV, and waited. Around 1:30pm I was at an 8, and the doctor came by and suited up. I pushed a little and he slid out - pretty uneventful but I was thrilled to meet little S! He was 7lbs and 18.5" and cute as a button! He took a nice shot at the nurse while she was cleaning him up and his aim was good enough to almost get the doctor :) DH and I spent the hospital stay getting to know our little guy. It took me a while to get into the recovery room because the epidural didn't wear off until almost 6pm. That evening, a couple of close friends visited and one of the nurses came in and said it was so busy that she was actually from another hospital and came to fill in! What a fun day to be born! :)

I didn't have many newborn pics of Simster to post because they are on my other computer that is currently waiting for us to have a house before it can come out of storage. He has grown so much in two years! He has gone from being my baby to being my big boy. He loves to shoot baskets and throw great football passes - and he's pretty good at it! (We have great dreams of our son the star quarterback or point guard.) He loves to talk (wonder where he got that from) and is detailed and easy to understand. I am wondering whether we will have another kid because then it might be a boy and it's hard to imagine any boy better than my little S! I love him so much and have really enjoyed watching him grow and see his cute personality!

For his birthday, we didn't do too much - just a couple of presents, some balloons and a visit to McDonalds (he loved the play place). We celebrated with my sis and her family (how fun it was to share a birthday with cousins!) on Sunday and I think the Simster had a good time! Happy Birthday buddy!


Litnak Family said…
Happy B-day S!! Isn't it crazy how our children grow up so quickly I can hardly believe that my BABY will be 2 in May!
Litnak Family said…
Happy B-day S!! Isn't it crazy how our children grow up so quickly I can hardly believe that my BABY will be 2 in May!
Happy Birthday Simster! We love having him here. We miss you guys. Crazy to say that when we only haven't seen you for a short time,
danika said…
Two is so big. I hope you had lots a cake for all the friends here in UT. Miss you guys