Happy Birthday Sis!

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. " ~Amy Li

I have the best sister! And today is her birthday! Because of some poor planning on my part, I didn't do anything special for her today like I wanted to (but beware, sis, I may surprise you!). But I am definitely grateful to have such a wonderful sister. I always wished I had another sister too, so I could have an older sis and a younger one, but my sister is so great, who needs more? I am thrilled to live much much closer to her. We haven't lived this close since she lived at home, some 14 years ago! Eventually the novelty may wear off and she might wish we would just go away, but for now, I think sisters and cousins are enjoying it (and even DH and her DH, at least a little).

As a birthday tribute, I want to list 5 things about her I admire and look up to:
  1. She has a strong testimony. I began my testimony based on hers. We used to sing "A Child's Prayer" as a duet when we shared a room. She would often play uplifting cassettes and CDs and taught me about journal and scripture reading and seminary by her example.
  2. She is a great listener. Even when we were at different life stages and my problems probably seemed stupid to hear, she would listen and give advice. She's pretty much one of two people (the other is DH) I feel comfortable crying around and spilling my guts. And I have a lot of guts to spill!
  3. She is an awesome mom. Every time I am at her house, I see things she does or ways she handles her children that I want to add to my life. She is happy to be a mom and it shows! Her kids are happy and well-behaved, something I hope someday I can say about my own!
  4. She is talented. Whether it's being a friend, teaching math, speaking Spanish with her kids, partnering with her hubby to start a business, doing moneybooks for the business, picture-taking, cooking, organizing, decorating her home - she just does it all so well!
  5. She is fun to be around! I love to just hang out and chat with her, play games (which neither of our DHs particularly love), go shopping, cheer on our kids or whatever! Plus, she laughs at my jokes. Which, if you know my jokes, must make her fun to be with!
Here's to many more birthdays! All the best!


Kristy said…
I feel the same way about my sisters. I was looking at your picture and Austin says "mom what are you doing with that girl?" He thought your sister was me. Too funny. By the way cute hair.
Hey. Make that crying #3! Thanks so much. I can just say "ditto" to everything! :) I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad you're here. And...I don't have to pretend to love your jokes....I honestly think you got all the funny genes and I am the dud. :) Love ya.
Litnak Family said…
You are so sweet to say nice things about your sister on her birthday I am sure that was a wonderful surpise and the perfect gift!!

Ditto on the hair you look great!!