He has Sisters

My son is sooo cute in this picture! He likes to put on the Bubbs' headbands. This one happens to be pink. And happens to make his dad a little crazy ("S! Take that off, buddy!" are pretty much his exact words). Poor DH. I think it's fun right now and the Simster loves to do his hair, nails, etc when his sister is doing it - and I don't mind indulging him once in a while. He would have made a cute girl. :) And maybe we can get him a headband like the guys wear in the NBA. Just as long as it isn't pink.


He is pretty cute...but he probably will be embarassed later! :)
Litnak Family said…
That is funny I love it. It comes to show what a big influance a sister can have on her brother. When I read what your hubby says I could really hear his voice saying it..it was weird! I think because he talks sarcastically to the boys in his old Sunday school class.
Sonja said…
Hey Sharon, just thought I would let you know that you have been tagged.
See, you can't even get away from it down in Texas.
danika said…
How dang cute. I miss that little guy in church. The fun you guys must be having.