In Case You Were Wondering...

I love Dr. Pepper. Love it. Doesn't really matter what kind - diet, caffeine free, cherry vanilla (probably my favorite), berries and cream, a combination of the above, you name it. So at WallyWorld yesterday and having a heart attack after seeing the price of milk ($3.50 a gallon?! You've got to be kidding!) I decided to give the new flavor - Cherry Chocolate - a try.

BIG mistake. I think it's gross. Ugh. There is something about bubbly fake chocolate flavor that rubs me wrong. I'm sure people love it, but I would recommend not wasting your time. Stick to the Cherry Vanilla. Really.


Hey. Here I have tons of Dr. Pepper in my fridge! I had no idea you loved it so much. Sorry about the milk prices. They used to be over $4 a gallon. I guess I am just used to it.