32 Nights Down, 5 Nights to Go

We close on our house on Friday!!! And boy, are we ready! For the last 32 nights, my kids have been sharing a room. Not only a room, but a bed. We put 95% of our stuff in storage, and so we let the kids share a bed. Overall, it's worked out nicely. We have a night time routine, they go in their room and fight like cats and dogs play nicely before eventually tucking themselves in and sleeping.

In the last week or so, it's become not so nice. And pretty unbearable. They don't end up falling asleep until after 11pm and the whole time they're fighting each other and fighting us. They are sick of sharing a bed. It's worse when the weather's not great and they have to stay in the apartment all day. I don't think I could make it more than 5 more nights, so it's good that's all we have.

And take a look! It's coming along so nicely!


Jen said…
Oh, it's beautiful! I know you will be so glad to be in and settled.

Congrats on a quick build!
Sonja said…
Wow..that's a nice house. Now I know why you moved. It even looks big enough that we can come down and move in too.

Just kidding.
Litnak Family said…
Wahoo for having the house almost done and soo pretty. Now life can get back to a semi-normal not UTAH life. Well, atleast you got your self your nice jetted tub to relax in after all the fighting, that is nice!!
Natalie said…
Nice place Sharon!!!! I hope you got air conditioning with the deal.
It looks so beautiful. I love the trees in front. It really makes it look complete! :)
zeebee said…
Hey Sharon, your house looks gorgeous!