How Did I Do It?

All three kids are sleeping. At 9:15pm. Amazing! I had to post about it for the general enjoyment of the 4-5 people who skim my blog. I am so thrilled, I am doing a little work, snacking on frozen pineapple (yum!) and watching some HGTV.

This is why it worked: I WORE THEM OUT. And I didn't try to get them to nap this afternoon (except PJ, of course, you can't deny a 3-month-old a nap). We ran a few errands, signed some stuff for the house, got McDonalds and went to the park for over an hour (PJ slept the whole time - except during the tornado siren drill, so I was able to swing, slide, and generally be a Toys R Us kid), and then a quick trip to WallyWorld. First time I've attempted it with all three... and it was pretty good. They had one of those carts with the seats at the front for the two older kids, and PJ went in the cart. The Simster kept falling asleep and falling into his sister, which created some problems, but overall, we did well!

Then - just to make sure the exhaustion was complete, we took a walk around the pond behind the apartments. Then quick dinner, baths, and zippidy do dah! they were basically asleep after that! I think I can make it two more nights! :)

On another note, I am a sore little mommy. I did the walkthrough on the house yesterday and it involved like 500 squats (squatting to check on the carpet and molding, etc). Then yesterday afternoon the kids and I did an aerobic video. Today was all the Toys-R-Us-being-a-kid stuff. And I'm a bit sore. But getting buff, one sore muscle at a time!

Hopefully playgroup tomorrow will wear my them out again! Two days until we close!!

(Extra bonus: Milk was only $3.00 a gallon and I filled up the car for $3.03 a gallon! Sweet!)


Litnak Family said…
Wow is sounds like you are getting WAY excited for the house and trying to keep your kids occupied so you don't go crazy before then way to go!!

I can't believe that milk is that expensive down there Smiths here just had it on sale for $2.29 pretty good when I am used to $2.50!!
Hurray for nights to yourself. I think you were so busy that we didn't talk at all yesterday! That must be a record. Love the pond right behind the apartment! How fun!
the lazy reader said…
Souns like its been rough. Good news on your house. It looks nice. Hope the move goes well. Maybe you'll get lucky and lose the kids in all that room in the new house for a couple of hours.