100th Post!

Well, it took me 2.5 years, but I finally made it to 100 posts!  And because I think it's fun, I wanted to post 100 things about me.  But I am categorizing it so it won't be completely random... Hope you enjoy!

10 Things About My Childhood
  1. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck.  It explains a lot.
  2. I am child 3 of 5.
  3. I used to laugh really hard when my dad would shake the pudding in the pudding shaker thingy.
  4. One year on Christmas Eve, I was so excited about Santa, I threw up.
  5. When my younger brother was potty-training, I used to stand on the toilet and reach the cupboard where his potty-treats were stored and steal them.  Because they were yummy.
  6. We had a dog named Bonnie and we used to throw the leftover pancakes to her like frisbees.
  7. I still have scars on my knees from trying to walk Bonnie by myself and her dragging me down the sidewalk.
  8. My sister taught me (for the most part) how to read and how to ride a bicycle.
  9. I loved school.  Pretty much everything about it.
  10. In the third grade, my friend and I almost tried out for the talent show dancing to some New Kids on the Block song (but we chickened out).
10 Things About My Teen Years
  1. I always had a crush on somebody.  Usually I had a top ten list.
  2. I was in the middle school gymnastics show in the 6th grade.
  3. I did OM (Odyssey of the Mind) in 6th, 7th, and 8th.
  4. I did lots of extracurricular activities  - orchestra, student government, theater, colorguard, German club, some intramural sports.  I really enjoyed them.
  5. I had some awesome friends.  They taught me a lot about myself and about others.
  6. I participated in a summer youth theater group for seven years.  I was able to act, direct, build the set, work with publicity, and keep myself out of trouble during the summers.
  7. I didn't mind asking boys out.  They pretty much always said yes and it was still fun that way.  And actually, most of them actually still paid for the date, so it was a win-win.
  8. My junior year some guy friends used to say "Woman, go make me a pie" to me.  I finally told them if I made them all pies, they had to stop saying that.  I think I ended up making 5 pies (out of 10 or so they asked me to make).  And I don't think I told my mom why I was making the pies.
  9. I worked as a soccer referee, softball scorekeeper and doing concessions at the local waterpark.  And I made enough doing that to earn enough money to go on the orchestra trip to Disneyworld and the Bahamas.  I really liked working those jobs.
  10. I missed my high school graduation because I was in Germany.  I wasn't really too sad about it because Germany was so darn fun :)
10 Things About My College Years
  1. I lived with my generous aunt & uncle my freshman year.  They charged next-to-nothing in rent and took care of me.  Even when I got in an accident driving their truck.
  2. I worked as a lab attendant, TA, research assistant, CSR, and testing developer.  It's healthy to work through college.  I learned a lot and had great bosses/co-workers.
  3. I participated in the oh-so-famous freshman Tunnel Singing.
  4. I would have liked to major in being a student.  I loved almost every class (exception: Econ 110) and changed my major many times.
  5. I ended up with a BA in German Teaching and two minors - Geography teaching and Computers in the Humanities.
  6. I loved loved the dating scene.  So much better than high school and a ton of fun.
  7. I embarrassed myself by playing my viola at the annual German Adventkonzert.
  8. I dated a guy who went on a mission and who thought I was waiting for him.  I didn't think so and I was married before he got home...
  9. I didn't do as many extra activities as I might have wanted (silly working and classes), but I did go swing dancing and latin dancing, stage manager-ed a play, volunteered in the ER and sang in German choir.
  10. I loved football but worked a lot of nights and only went to ONE football game.  Wish I'd gone more.  GO COUGARS!
10 Things About DH & Me
  1. We met camping up Hobble Creek.
  2. I once tried to beat him at pool on a date.  I didn't win.
  3. Sometimes we would fight argue.  Then he would bring me flowers to the testing lab of the JKHB on BYU campus where I was working.  It was very sweet!
  4. We dated for 11 months, were engaged for 3 months and have been married for 5 years, 8 months, and 5 days :)
  5. We were sealed in the Manti Utah temple because once driving home from my parents' house in Colorado, I didn't get off at Green River so we had to keep going on I-70 to hit I-15.  We drove by the Manti temple and all the lights were on and it was so beautiful and we decided that was where we wanted to be married.
  6. I fit into the crook of his neck.  I love it and it's so cute.
  7. Our song is "Arrested by You."  It's from the Better Off Dead movie soundtrack.
  8. At first, my parents didn't like him much (he was a skateboarder with no job when they met him), but now if they had to choose him or me, I think they'd choose him.
  9. We were first married, we were eating in the Wilk on campus and I started choking on my Teriyaki Stix.  He couldn't remember the name for the Heimlich maneuver, so he said "Do you want me to do the anything on you?"  I still tease him about it to this day.
  10. My mom was actually at his mom's bridal shower.  Weird, but cool.
10 Things About My Kids
  1. I was planning to get a PhD when I found out I was pregnant with E.  It was the best thing that could have happened to me and my priorities!
  2. My biggest baby was 7lbs 5oz and one week past the due date.
  3. DH has decided the name and spelling of both the Bubbs and PJ.  And they are both daddy's girls.
  4. I have three kids under 4.  It's a party every day at my house.
  5. The Simster is left-handed, like me.
  6. I really wanted PJ to be a girl.  I told DH before the ultrasound that if it was a boy, the baby was going to the pound.  Lucky for DH, she's a girl :)
  7. I love watching my kids learn new things.  It is a proud moment for a parent and they are so excited to master something new.
  8. E loves to draw and S loves to play sports.  And PJ loves to snuggle with me and eat.  And I love that they love these things.
  9. PJ's middle name comes from her Great-Grandma's name.  S's middle name is DH's name. E's middle name is.. well, I just liked it.
  10. My kids are perfect for me.  I have been very blessed!
10 Things I Miss Since Moving
  1. My friends & my kids' friends.
  2. My family members.
  3. Living next door to the Stevens.
  4. The basement.
  5. The vaulted ceilings.
  6. Already having a shed on the property to store stuff.
  7. More space between houses.
  8. The option to go to Jazz games/BYU football games.
  9. Church a five-minute walk instead of a twenty-five minute drive.
  10. Borrowing church books from the library.
10 Things I Am Grateful For
  1. My Savior who loved me enough to suffer for my sins and die for me!
  2. All of the blessings and direction of the Gospel
  3. My family and their unconditional love for me.
  4. A healthy body and doctors to take care of it when it's not so healthy.
  5. A wonderful house to live in.
  6. Food to eat.
  7. Clothes to wear.
  8. Good friends that build me up and support me and make me laugh.
  9. That DH can provide for all our needs and many of our wants (and I can be a SAHM).
  10. The Internet (when it is used for good and not evil).
10 Things I Like
  1. I like wearing black but my favorite color is green.
  2. I like curling up under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate when it's cold.
  3. I like taking a bath in the jetted tub.
  4. I like programming and geeking out with DH.
  5. I like reading books out loud with DH.
  6. I like vacuuming and mowing the lawn.  I like that the noise drowns out the world and leaves me time to think.
  7. I enjoy cooking, especially trying out new recipes.
  8. I like playing basketball and soccer and wish I got to play them more often.
  9. I like relaxing on the couch right after the kids have fallen asleep.
  10. I like reading, especially mysteries and historical fiction.
10 Things I Say Often
  1. I'm going to kick you in the nuts!  (Actually, I don't say that much anymore.)
  2. That's so romantic.  (Mostly about non-romantic things.)
  3. Can I ask you a personal question? (Usually it's not so personal, I just like asking that.)
  4. You are so darn cute! (To my kids. And DH.  But not usually to myself in front of a mirror)
  5. Holy Schping-goaly Batman!  (There's no explanation for this.  Sorry.)
  6. Are you kidding me?  (Learned it from DH.  And he usually yells it at the refs during a Jazz game)
  7. Can you please stop fighting? (To the cashiers at the grocery store...yeah... that's it...)
  8. Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?  (from Different Strokes)
  9. Kay, so... Queso?  Cheese?
  10. Ya honkies!  (Often used while driving.)
10 Things That Are Really Random
  1. I've had my ears pierced twice.  The second time was without parental consent.  But I took them out.
  2. I can't roll my tongue and I'm not double-jointed.
  3. I'm a sock-sock shoe-shoe person.
  4. I've worn either glasses or contacts since I was 8.  And I'm rather blind without them.
  5. I dislike sushi.  And most seafood.
  6. I love music but can rarely tell you who the artist is.  DH is great at this.
  7. I love playing games, but I can be a sore loser.  But I'm getting better at this.
  8. I am a list maker.  I feel naked if I go a day without having made a to-do list.
  9. Pretty much whenever I open my mouth, I end up putting my foot in it.
  10. I am long-winded.  Which you can tell from this post!
And to those of you who made it through the longest post known in the history of mankind, that's 100 Random Things About Me!  I actually really enjoyed this and I'm excited I made it to 100!  My favorite thing about blogging is that it is a unique journal.  Some of the things I post I would never have recorded in my journal, because they seem too miniscule or silly.  But I love having a record of these things!  And I love getting to know other bloggers!


Emily said…
Awesome! I really enjoyed reading about you! :) Have a great day today!
Wow. There are so many things I didn't know about you and you had me hooked until the very end. So many others I remember well. You are just so cool. Thanks for being my sister! :)
Jen said…
Congrats on the hundred mark! Best line: "but now if they had to choose him or me, I think they'd choose him" ! ROFL!!