31 Cent Ice Cream Scoops!

Go to your local Baskin Robbins tonight between 5pm & 10pm and get each scoop of ice cream for only 31 cents! (I think there's a 10 scoop limit per person) Yummy!

Click HERE for more info!


Frumpy Luv said…
I think it is a good thing I read this at 9:30 at night. I can just see my family now, all lined up to get 10 scoops each - yeah, so the kids are little, but I think they can all carry a little ice cream!! Loved reading your 100 posts - we've got several things in common - loved the BYU references, those were the good ole days - totally agree that post-high school dating was way better. Good luck with the green thumb!! That cracked me up!
Emily said…
I missed it :( I love ice cream too.... YUM!