And She's Rolling!

I wanted to post this on the actual day and as she actually performed...but this will have to do! PJ rolled over on Friday, April 4, two days after she turned four months old! And while we were watching the Jazz game at my sister's house, I might add.

I am a pretty proud mama! And a surprised mama too - neither the Bubbs nor the Simster really made a very good effort at the rolling... they kinda skipped straight to the sitting up and crawling, etc. So PJ is my first rolling kid & she's just so cute when she does it!


Her rolling was so cute! She probably didn't know which we were cheering for more...her or the Jazz! :) Go PJ! Go Jazz! Glad your bloggin!
Warner Family said…
4 months. wow. She is getting so big. How great that she's rolling. They grow so fast. Nice to see it as it goes along!!
Litnak Family said…
Wahoo for rolling, it is so precious to see children make progress!