Green Thumb

I always thought you had a green thumb because you were good at growing.  Not true.  You can also get it from excessive weed-pulling when you are glove-less.

Remember this lovely yard?  Yep, I was living in a dream world.
Dream #1:  A newly sodded yard will not produce ANY weeds EVER!
Dream #2:  A new backyard will not attract any bees, hornets, or other unsightly creatures (ie - fire ants).

So between today and yesterday?
Time spent pulling weeds: 3.5 hours
Number of weeds pulled: 50 billion
Number of weeds left to pull: 999 bazillion
Percentage of lawn left to weed: 65.343212%
Showing off my green thumb? Priceless!

And I also got to show the kiddos a caterpillar which they enjoyed.  And E even asked, "Can I see a snake now?"

And in other exciting news, our community pool opens on Thursday!  Yippee!


Emily said…
Hi! We are laying sod this year- finally replacing our whole front yard. We've been working hard outside. I know it takes a lot of work!

Your yard work looks like it payed off! It looks great!

Have a beautiful day!
3 words.... WEED AND FEED!!!!!