I. am. grumpy! And I needed to vent, so this is it. There's a big part of me that won't miss my job (I can't work in TX so I have about a month left on my contract) - today, despite my hours of troubleshooting, somebody found a way to break my program. Well, I guess the bug was always there, but it was so well hidden, it took a while for someone to find it. But she did. And she wasn't happy about it. And neither am I. Now I spent an hour fixing it and now I'm sitting here making sure the fix works and not getting anything else done. I need to do laundry, go shopping, register the car, get ready for Enrichment... GRRRRRummmpy!

And even though I should be so happy that my job is almost over and I won't have stuff come up like this, I'm grumpy that I'm leaving too. Because I am prideful and I'm scared the person who takes over for me will do much better and make my co-workers think "Why didn't we get rid of -um- whats-her-name years ago?!" So I just want to stick around so they don't know that someone's better than me. Grumpy grumpy grumpy. Even too grumpy to post the house pictures.

However - on a brighter note - tomorrow this part of my week will pass and I will be on my way to TimeOut for Women! (See here) And even if I have nothing to wear and feel pretty scrappy, I KNOW it will be fun! Plus, DH will have E & S by himself! :)


Emily said…
Sorry to hear that. I hope things work out for you!! Glad you can have a break from the kids and get away for a bit! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day today!!
UGH! I was so hoping that it would be just fine...since it was early on. Let me know if there's something I can do for you in the morning. There is a huge outlet mall on the way...maybe we can all stop and shop! If not on the way there...we should on the way back! :)

Hope you made it past the storms and Enrichment. I was worried for you!
So, i want to know how you get the cool back ground. Off the subject...... But my page is so, so, so Dull.
Sonja said…
Oh I miss you!
I can't ever see you grumpy. I hope your day goes better tomorrow and the work thing~they will never be able to replace you.