A much-needed TimeOut

What a fun weekend! Getting ready to go was way stressful (finish working, register the car, shopping for groceries for DH & the kids, packing, etc) - I even cried at the DMV, which ended up getting me what I needed, but wasn't something I enjoyed doing. I prefer to cry in private. Preferably never.

Once we got on the road, things were better. I went with my sis and some of her friends, so I was kind of worried about being the fifth wheel, but they are very very nice & fun women, so it ended up fine in that department. PJ was really rather good the entire weekend (what a blessing!) although some women complained around me and that didn't really make me happy (again: not much sleep or food = me crying) but with some support and of course, my great sister, I bucked it up.

It was an AWESOME conference. Some of my favorite people were there: Dean Hughes (author), Micheal McLean (songwriter), Hillary Weeks (singer/songwriter)... It was very uplifting and just the boost I needed. One of the best things about being around a bunch of women was realizing that the stuff I worry about/struggle with are things other moms have felt too. One of Hillary Weeks' songs was to the tune of "My Favorite Things" (from the Sound of Music) and she talked about bedtime and naptime and naptime and bedtime being her favorite things. And I thought I was the only one who felt that way! It was just nice to know. Plus, I felt inspired, learned things about myself, was in great company, had some time away, and DH took care of the kids AND cleaned up the house a bit! What more could I ask for? Nothing... except to do it again! DH noticed that I seemed happier, more relaxed and less uptight, and I think he'll be willing to take the kids again sometime!

(PS - I stole this picture from my sister's blog. She's good with the camera.)


We had such a good time! I agree that the best part is knowing that you are not alone in the frustrations of life and mommying. When we are in that big room and all of us are crying/laughing out of relief that we all know what bedtime and naptime and bedtime and naptime feels like..it is awesome! I was worried that you'd feel 5th wheelish, so I'm glad you didn't. The company couldn't have been better....although at the begining...I was selfish and wished it was just you and I together.

Sorry for the novel. (and steal pictures anytime you want!)
Litnak Family said…
Good for you, getting out with other women to enjoy some time!