Thursday, April 17, 2008


    S: Do you want to play basketball with me?
    E: No, sorry, I'm too girl.
    S: But do you want to play basketball with me?
    E: S! I am too girl to play basketball!
    S: Oh.
    E: Do you want to wear my dress?
    S: Okay.
    E: And we can jump on my bed. Because Mommy is downstairs.
    S: (giggles)
    E: (giggles)

I definitely know who wears the bossiness pants around here. And since when can E not play basketball because she's a girl? Who told her that? Anybody out there feeling guilty? :)


I have a good life said...

We just need to get some girls on the Jazz and then she'll think it is okay!

Jen said...

LOL That's a great exchange. I'd scrapbook it with pics in dresses. :)

Emily said...

That is too cute! Love it! *laughs*

the lazy reader said...