Pam from The Office

A coworker told me today that I remind him of Pam Beesley from The Office. He said it was a compliment. I have only watched bits and pieces of the show, and never thought of myself as Pam. Now I am going to have to watch more closely to see if he's right. And if it really is a compliment. Any opinions on this?

PS - I have been putting off the BIG house post, because I want my house to be perfectly clean, unpacked, decorated, etc before I show it off. But I am resigning myself to the fact that I can't wait that long (because I doubt it will ever happen), so I am promising a special "Thursday Thirteen" post on the house! Stay tuned and it WILL come :)


DH watches The Office and now I'm kind of hooked, too. Although last week's episode was really dumb, I thought. Anyhow...I LOVE Pam. She is the best. Seeing her and knowing you...I don't see the resemblance....except when you had long hair. She is very pretty, though and super nice. Both of which you are, too!
Jen said…
I LOVE the Office. I think Pam is great, although I don't really think you remind me of her. I really got addicted to that show while watching it on DVD during the writers' strike.

It's nice to see you posting again. Can't wait to see the house!
Emily said…
I haven't watiched The Office before - so I don't know. I have heard the show is hilarious though!My sister-in-law watches it faithfully. Anyway, have a great night!