Thanks to a Stranger

Just had to share this...
We packed up the kids and took them to Lowe's to get our ceiling fan(s).  It had been a slower-than-I-wanted morning and I wasn't feeling awesome.  Not grumpy but not great.  Just kind of there.

At the checkout lane, the cashier said, "You're my new hero."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Cashier: "You're my new hero.  Look at these three kids!  They're beautiful children and you look so great.  You don't look like you chase after three kids!"

Me: "Well, thank you."

How sweet was that!  It was just a little thing, but it totally made my day.  It just reminds me of how the little things we do can mean a lot to the people we do them for.  Thanks to this stranger for giving me a boost and reminding me of that!


Love your new template! That is such a sweet comment...just when you needed it! :) It is true, too. I think you are also my hero!
Emily said…
I like your new template! It's way cute!

What a sweet thing for that cashier to say! I can see how that would cheer you up and make your day! It's those little things that count and really help when you are having a bad day! :)

Have a great night!!