There's Water in Texas?

We went camping with some friends on Friday. It was a little stressful because
  1. I had to work most of the morning.
  2. DH had to work most of the morning.
  3. I had to take Simster and PJ to do well-child and shots. Yuck. And I waited 40 minutes for the shots. I was definitely "that cranky lady" the nurses were probably all talking about by the time I left.
  4. Camping is always stressful to pack for.
  5. I do all the packing. Because I'm the mom. And I know how to make a list. (I still love you DH)
Anywho, we ran late getting up there, forgot the tent stakes and PJs diapers, and had to haul in all of our camping gear quite a ways to camp for just one night. And then there's the whole cleaning process when we got home! BUT! It was really a lot of fun! We enjoyed the company and are glad that people have been so inviting since we moved here. E and S loved playing with friends (although S was the only boy over 12 months). The campsite was really pretty, with a view of the water and access to fishing just a few minutes away. The kids really liked the whole marshmallow-burning, uncomfortable-sleeping-bagging, dirt-in-your-food experience. DH and I didn't sleep very well, and PJ had a blowout, but I think it was good family bonding time :)

And before we left, we went and played on the playground and in the sand and in the lake. It was 65 degrees and gorgeous! (Just a little windy, but not bad.) It's only 35 minutes from our house, so I think we'll be going there often!


We want to go with you next time! It is so fun there! :)
Emily said…
I love the photos! It looks like such a beautiful place and lots of fun!!