Waiting for...

We're all waiting for conference to start! (Which, by the way - silly me - does not start at 10am Central time.) We will be sustaining a new prophet and receiving inspired instruction. Modern-day scriptures! I LOVE LOVE LOVE conference time! Only 30 more minutes..!

And I found this great site with printable notebooks - they have pictures of each apostle and space to take some notes. I think it will be good for DH and I to jot down some inspiration from each talk (and have a specific place to put it) and for the kids - well, they can at least see the pictures and scribble. It's a win-win.

Check out LDS.org for more information about conference or about our beliefs. :)


That is funny that you forgot about the time! :) I printed off stuff for the kids to color and do, too. They sat through the entire first session, even though they were not "required" to! Glad to see another post! Can't wait for session #2 (only 8 more minutes!).