What Struck Me

One of my favorite things about conference is that everyone hears the same talks, but feels different words. It testifies to me of the reality of the Spirit that can reach out and help us find those things from the talks that can uplift, inspire, comfort, strengthen and motivate us.

Without a doubt, I was supposed to be encouraged as a parent during this conference - the two talks that stood out the most to me were Elder Nelson and Elder Ballard. (And this is what I jotted down at the time, not always word-for-word quotes.)

  • Elder Nelson: The home is a laboratory of love and service...We CANNOT be released as parents! When we are correcting our children, we need to ask: What can I say or do to persuade them to choose another way?...Salvation is an individual matter fostered in the family... Do not control children, but lead them toward eternal life.
  • Elder Ballard:Joy of motherhood comes in moments - don't rush past those fleeting moments! ... You will have moments of inadequacy, monotony, even desperation - no role in life is more essential than mothers! ... Water can't be drawn from an empty well, pick one or two interests to develop that will re-energize you ... Families need unstructured time to enjoy being together.

Other things that touched me:
  • President Monson: We are waging a war with sin but we need not despair - it is a war we CAN & WILL win!
  • President Uchtdorf: True religion should not originate from what pleases men but what pleases God.
  • Elder Perry: Enduring to the end is not a do-it-yourself project - we need Him!
  • Elder Oaks: When clarifying misrepresentations of us, speak in mildness & meekness, avoiding pride and arrogance. A testimony is not a passive thing but is a process.
  • Elder Wirthlin: The Lord often chooses weak things to accomplish His purposes - power of God can infuse us with energy and vigor!
  • Elder Holland: Continuing revelation does not demean or devalue existing revelation.
  • Elder Bednar: Meaningful prayer requires holy communication and consecrated work -> we need to ACT upon things we have expressed in prayer. Every sincere prayer is heard & answered by Heavenly Father.
  • Elder Child: Tithing is the best investment we can make!
  • Sister Tanner: Being a nurturer is part of our eternal identity.
  • Elder Zwick:Let us not be men-pleasers but true followers of God...The message of the restored gospel must be firmly planted in our hearts and taught in our homes... We must fortify ourselves!
  • Elder Neuenschwander: The crowd came to see, but the woman came to be healed.
  • Elder Rasband: We need a personal treasury of valued experiences to help build our house of faith.
  • Elder Johnson: Youth need fewer critics and more models.
  • Elder Lund: We are the guardians of our hearts.
  • Elder Amado: True servants don't expect recognition or reward and do not have time to be offended.

The kids were decent and loved watching President Monson. We were blessed to have "on demand" on the internet to watch it (which is good because we started the second session today over an hour late!). My testimony was strengthened. I have greater resolve. I know President Monson is a prophet and that he and the other brethren are called of God. There is a living prophet on the earth and he does receive revelation from God. What better way to spend a weekend - I love conference!


Awesome. It is interesting that we chose to share different comments. Most of what you quoted I had written down, but chose to share something else. It is awesome that it touches us individually. :)
the lazy reader said…
I was so excited about conference. So much of it seemed to focus directly on families and on mothers in particular. I really needed that upliftment and reminder of my true calling.
Emily said…
Thank you for these comments and insights! My Conference weekend was probably the worst one yet! I always look forward to it - I love Conference - but my kids were SO bad and would not sit still. I am glad I was able to listen to the Prophet speak at least though. It was a crazy weekend!! *sigh* I can't wait to read it in the Ensign. Anyway, I am glad to be in touch on here!!! :) Have a great night!